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What is Moneyfarm

Money farm is The Gambia’s 1st Agric Tech crowdfunding platform  whose mission is to create wealth in Africa starting with The Gambia, one rural farmer at a time. We do this by creating an online platform for “everyday people”, to engage in the agricultural value chain by investing in agribusinesses especially farmers.

What does Moneyfarm do?

Through our platform we connect farmers to individual investors especially Gambians in the diaspora who want to invest in agriculture and receive some returns.

Who is behind the concept of Moneyfarm?

We are a team of dedicated, young Gambians who have a passion for agriculture and farming (all forms) with diverse backgrounds. Our common goal is to seek for ways to impact on rural farmers, contribute to the growth of food production, improve food security in The Gambia, and to ensure more youth participation in Agriculture.

What is the experience of the organization in Moneyfarm?

– Two decades experience in Information Technology Management

– Five years experience in entrepreneurship

-Three years experience in investments

– 12 years economic control knowledge and finance

Who are your technical partners?

In addition to our partners, we are collaborating with a  team of agricultural professionals who have the requisite expertise in various disciplines in Agriculture.

How does this work?

First you have to sign on on our internet site to create your own customized Moneyfarm profile, you then choose a farm of desire to sponsor. You invest in the farm, and at the quit of the farm cycle stipulated, you’ll get hold of a percent of the earnings after the sales of harvest and also your preliminary investment capital.

How do I join Moneyfarm?

Joining is straightforward! All you are required to do is to click on on the ‘Sign up’ button at the top right nook of the page.
You may be directed to a page that requires you to sign up the usage of both your fb account or an current e mail address. An authentication electronic mail may be sent on your personal e-mail cope with, confirm your email deal with, and automatically you get a Moneyfarm Profile Page.

Who is behind the idea of Moneyfarm?

We are a team of passionate men and women between the ages of 25 and 40, who have come from the Agriculture, Finance and Technology sector. Our common goal is to seek for ways to impact on rural farmers, contribute to the growth of food production, improve food security in Gambia, and to ensure more youth participation in Agriculture.

How do I become an Investor?

Visit our homepage and ‘Sign Up’, to create your specific Moneyfarm Profile with the aid of supplying all of the facts required. You can either join up with your electronic mail address or your Facebook account.

– Go to our Farmshop and pick out any farm of preference (N.B. That is subject to availability)

– Invest in  a given number of Farm Unit(s)

– Receive everyday feedback of all farm activities via our ‘Farm Updates’

– At the end of the Harvest, the Farm Produce is sold and the Investor is paid a ‘Returns-after-Harvest’ .

How do I Pay for a Farm?

Click on the farm you want to sponsor, pick out the range of farm gadgets you want sponsor and click on “Buy now” icon.

You could be directed to another web page to “test out” your order and to agree to the phrases and situations stated.

After that pick out the payment options such as Paypal,  Visa/Mastercard, GTBank Mobile Money, EcoBank Mobile Money, QODOO, AfriMoney or you could chose the bank transfer alternative which could require you to use your financial institution token to complete the transaction.

What happens after I invest in a farm?

  • First you will receive a ‘Farm Allocation Email’ which acknowledges receipt of investment in the farm, the location of the farm you invested in, the farm cycle tenure and the end date of your farm cycle.
  • On a periodic basis, you will receive farm updates which keeps you abreast of all activities on your farm, from the beginning to the end of the farm cycle.

How do I follow up on my investment?

Moneyfarm is constructed to offer Farm investors periodic updates; we send bi-weekly updates for farm cycles which can be 6 months and much less and we will send month-to-month updates for farm cycles which exceed 6 months. Farm updates are written reports, images and films showing the development being made at one of a kind levels of the farm cycle.

How long does the farm cycle run for?

Depending on the farm you select, the cycle can run from 5 months to 12 months.

How is the Profit or Return-after-Harvest shared?

Farmer – 60% of the profit

Farm investor- 30% of the profit

Moneyfarm – 10% of the profit

How do I calculate my return after harvest on Moneyfarm?

On each farm, we’ve got furnished the Profit Simulator for you that allows you to calculate your go back on investment. You can boom or decrease the quantity of farms you purchase and it’ll calculate your net earnings at the side of your preliminary capital.

What is the minimum number of Farms I can invest in and what is the maximum amount?

The minimum number of farms you can invest in is one (1) unit of any farm, and you can sponsor as many farms as you so choose but this is subject to the farm availability.

When does farm visit occur?

General farm visits are organised on a periodic basis for present Farm Investors. Notifications are generally sent out to sponsors informing them of the go to and we generally ask them to affirm their availability for the go to. Sponsors might also put in their request for a farm go to, this will be organised as properly however challenge to positive phrases and conditions.

Can I invite friends to join me?

Yes, you can invite friends from Facebook/ or any other social media platform to join you on Moneyfarm. Use the invite friends button on each farm page.

Is it possible to terminate my investment earlier than the agreed timeframe?

Each of our farms have a fixed farm cycle length. This is decided by  taking into cognisance the gestation length required for every farm. As it’s  simply not possible to wilfully interrupt the cycle of any crop or cattle/poultry etc  we are unable able to ‘terminate’ the farm cycle of any given farm. However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the investor  acquires his/her investment returns after harvest, the  option of re-investing rest with the investor.

What happens if the farm I funded is badly run or if the harvest is lost?

Moneyfarm has a group of Agric professionals and technical companions whose number one duty is to ensure that our farms observe widespread farm control practices even as employing the maximum current farming techniques, progressed seedlings and modern farm system; to make certain that we’ve the high-quality farm yields.

We but aren’t ignorant of the peculiarity of the arena wherein we operate, consequently we’ve got taken good enough measures with the aid of insuring all our farm initiatives to mitigate in opposition to any unforeseen risks that could result in lack of the investor’s capital.