Poultry Farm Unit

Maize also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous people in Mexico about 10,000 years ago.

Farm Description


Farm Description

Nigeria has an annual deficit of over 60 million tons of chicken meat processed from boiler valued at 120 Trillion Naira. Importation takes up about 40 percent of local consumption. With the high dollar rates, the gap in supply will increase.

Our farmers have specialized in rearing poultry chicken with zero to low fat.

What does my sponsorship cover? 

1) Renting the poultry farm on your behalf

2) Insurance from  Leadway Assurance to cover the farm investment and farmers

3) Farm inputs including the chicks, feeding and treatment against any form of disease

4) Farmers labour to work on the farm

5) Logistics to get the chicken to the market to sell them

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