Hobby Farms Poultry Farm Unit

The Gambia offers the ideal environment for rearing poultry for meat in terms of grazing land, climate, know-how and available skills

The Gambia is heavily reliant on poultry imports, which increased by more than US$380,000 in value between 2010-11

This ideal environment is bolstered by political support – and an established target – to increase the supply of livestock products to the tourism sector by 35% by 2019
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Hobby Farms Poultry Farm Unit


  • Contract Period : 14 months
  • Expected Return : 10% -15%
  • Harvest Period : Every 6 months

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What does your investment cover? 

1)  Farm inputs including the chicks, feeding and treatment against any form of disease

2) Farmers labour to work on the farm

3) Logistics to get the chicken to the market to sell them


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Hobby Farms is a sole proprietorship and a family run business owned by Mr. Musa A. Sowe of Bakoteh Layout, KMC, The Gambia. The business is poultry farming concentrating on rearing of chicken broilers and layers. The business was set up in 2011

Hobby Farms is currently adequately resourced to rear between five hundred and seven hundred and fifty birds. Over three cycles in a year, Hobby Farms can make a turnover of 1,500 birds and sales of approximately three hundred and fifty thousand Dalasi (D350,000). Hobby Farms presently have the capacity to sell four hundred to five hundred crates of eggs every month and sales of close to seven hundred and fifty thousand Dalasi (D750,000) per annum. There are two well-built rooms that can accommodate two hundred and fifty birds each and another purpose built cage that can also accommodate a hundred and fifty birds. An outlet at the front of the house to serve the local community with decent deep freezers and well-ventilated shelves to display eggs, an all-terrain 4×4 vehicle to deliver supplier to institutional clients like hotels and supermarkets.
Mr. Sowe  has the passion for poultry farming. He also has a sound business acumen and a reasonable business management skill. He has directed all his personal investment in the business and has recently invested in a property in Kitty, West Coast Region, where he is erecting poultry houses to expand his capacity to rear up to 10,000 birds.