Strawberry Farm Unit

Strawberry (Fragaria spp) is grown for its fruits which are widely appreciated for their bright red colour, aroma, sweetness and juicy texture. These fruits can be consumed fresh or in foods as pies, preserves, among others.
Although farmers have been quite reluctant in participating in strawberry farming stating that the industry is not very developed, those looking into venturing into the practice are highly encouraged because it has huge income potential.
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Strawberry Farm Unit


KALIT Strawberry Farm is owned by Mr Hassan Khadra. He has a plot of land located at Bafuloto , Western Division behind the airport. It measures 70m x 22m. Hassan is looking for an investment of $7,000 with an estimated return of investment of at least 15% within a period of 6 months starting from November 2018 when planting starts. The funds are needed for fencing the land, digging a bore hole connected to a solar system, procuring and transplanting strawberry seedlings, purchasing of fertilizers and packaging materials.

  • Contract Period : 6 months
  • Expected Return : 15
  • Harvest Period : 3 months
  • Investment needed:$7,000

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